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Unlike many of our competitors, Eagle Star Equipment understands the importance of selling pre-owned equipment in the Dry Cleaning, OPL and Coin markets. Investing in pre-owned equipment is a great way to save money when just beginning to equip a dry cleaning or laundry facility, or when needing to add additional machines. We offer a range of pre-owned products with limited service warranties, including:

Pre-owned Equipment for Sale

Description Model No. Price Quantity
AJAX SS Damp Box $75.00 1
Hoffman Steam Table SBT30x60 $1,995.00 1
Trevil Sweater Finishing Steam Table 36×72 3155 $2,995.00 1
White 820 Order “L” Shape Floor Conveyor W820-L $2,495.00 1
White Up & Down Conveyor N 540 $1,995.00 1
Unipress Linen Hot Head LPZ $3,495.00 1

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