June 10, 2010

Iowa Techniques


Iowa Techniques offers a wide variety of equipment and products for your laundry and dry cleaning needs.


Assembly Conveyor


The Assembly Conveyor is perfect for small spaces; has the ability to expand to fit your growth needs; allows one person to assemble 2000 pieces in 8 hours; works with your current POS system; and is accurate and easy to work with.




Versatile in design, Iowa Techniques’ conveyors can be easily converted from straight line to up & down. These conveyors feature a direct drive gear box and motor (no gears or pulleys), intelligent drive system (soft start inverter with no more clothes swinging), and solid steel yokes that last a lifetime!


Drop Boxes


Available as free-standing or through the window/wall units, Iowa Techniques Drop Boxes are a convenient solution to after-hours drop-offs for your customers.


Drying Cabinets


Iowa Techniques Drying Cabinets are perfect for sweaters and delicates. Hanging space for 10 garments or use the 8 removable shelves for flat drying. Steam heat provides a constant temperature so garments do not over-dry.


DynaFluid Valves


Iowa Techniques’ DynaFluid Valves provide instant hot water at a consistent temperature. These valves save space and cost less than traditional water heating systems or heat heat exchangers.